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J.F.A. Contributing Researchers:



Eldon L. James* of Madera, California


George & Ruth Alspaugh* of Columbia, Tennessee


Carlton Dwayne James* of San Antonio, Texas


Dorcas M. Hobbs* of Shelbyville, Kentucky


Fraces P. James* of Purcellville, Virginia


Judy Barrett* of Santa Fe, New Mexico


George & Johnie Ruth Bird of Abilene, Texas


Deborah James Boothe of Colonial Heights, Virginia


Grover Buxton* of Marietta, Ohio


Jim and Alpha Canole of Lawrence, Kansas


Lori & Bo Carlyle of Purcellville, Virginia


Carl Claunch of Garland, Texas


Donald & Faye Collins of Greenville, North Carolinia


Bobbie Nell Compton of Odessa, Texas


Dwain Carlo Crum of Rosemead, California


Edward & Betty Dooley of Vinton, Virginia


John & Marlyn Sue Evers of McKinney, Texas


Ollie & Jean Higgins of Bront, Texas


Jim & Dorcas M. Hobbs of Shebyville, Kentucky


Arnold and Joyce Howell of Orlando, Florida


Faye Walker* James of Abilene, Texas


Frank L. James of San Dprings, Oklahoma


Paul D. James of Bridgeport, Illinois


Julia A. Long of Liberal, Missouri


Scott Luke of Pleasant Hill, California


Tom & Sherrell McManus of Anaheim, California


Jo Anne Momburg of Columbus, Ohio


Margery A. Perdue of Bellevue, Washington


Doug and Nelda Gay Sander of Stillwater, Oklahoma


Kathy Smith of Chester, California


Elsabeth “Betty” Spalsbury of Lawrence, Kansas


Edward & Della Wade of Nyssa, Oregon


Dorothy & Stanley Walker of Foley, Alabama


Reba Ward of Dallas, Texas


Juanita James Watson of Palo Alto, California


Al & Jane Wats of Sullivan, Missouri


Paulette (Coombes) Wilson of Wichita, Kansas


Russel Page Wright of Vinton, Virginia


Heidi Hefner of Boise, Idaho


Becky Smith of Kerriville, Texas


Elizabeth Eugenia “James” LaBozetta of Columbus, Ohio




* = In Memoriam














About the James Family Archives


The James Family Archives (“J.F.A.”) is a genealogical repository of information and research contributed by family historians and genealogists devoted to the preservation of the history of the families descending from David James and Margaret Mortimer; and, Margaret James and Samuel Miles of Radnorshire, Wales who arrived in Pennsylvania between 1682 and 1684.


The J.F.A. Began its work in 1984 in Folsom, California.  The Archives represents the accumulation of over thirty years of research from members of the family all over the United States and continues with the work originally begun by the late Carol Ina James (1943-2009).  Below is a list of the active and past family historians that have contributed their valuable time and skills to the James Family Archives and to the preservation of our family’s history.


James Family Historians


Carol I, James*

Folsom, California

Lee A. James

Olympia, Washington

Janita Mahoney

Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

Larry P. James

Sacramento, California


Teddy “Ted” E. Luke*

Lafayette, California


Barbie James

Eagles Mere, Pennsylvania


Kathleen Dooley Wolfe

Vinton, Virginia


Marty Rutledge

Loveland, Colorado



Alice Louise Denson

Poteet, Texas



Curtis Hellinghausen

San Antonio, Texas



Randi Randolph

Denver, Colorado



Steve B. James

Fort Worth, Texas


Gary D. James

Taos, New Mexico



Carolyn Pugh

El Cerrito, California



Toni Lynn James

Picayune, Mississippi