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Children of David Bushrod James, Sr. (1874-1933) of Franklin, Pennsylvania and Mary Alice Evans (1876-1950):



1.   David Bushrod James, Jr.:  born June 16, 1905; married in 1932 to E. Margaret Handy (1904-1984); died September 9, 1960; known children include:  David Bushrod James, III.


2.   Mary Alice James:  born May 15, 1907; died December 26, 1982.


3.   William Henry James, II:  born January 12, 1912; married 1939 to Jane Blankum Fugus (1914-1964); died March 27, 1966; known children include:  Susan Jane James and Mary Lynn James.






David Bushrod James, Sr. (1874-1933) was the son of William Henry James (1841-1893) of Byberry, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Sarah Eleanor Levake (ca 1846-?).




Barbara James & David Bushrod James, III of Wilmington, North Carolina (2012); (2015)


Biography of David Bushrod James from Encyclopedia of Pennsylvania Biography – Volume XXI, Lewis Historical Publishing Company, Inc. New York, 1934, Editor in Chief: Frederic A. Godcharles, Litt. D.  Former State Librarian and Director State Museum; Author


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