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Children of Clifford Custer James, Sr. (1925-2006) of Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio and Elizabeth Sharpe (1933-1990) of Athens County, Ohio:


1.   Elizabeth Eugenia James:  born July 14, 1954 in Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio; married on June 10, 1972 in Athens County, Ohio to Daniel Charles LaBozetta (1951-), son of Rocco LaBozetta and Rosalie Attenello; known children include:  Simon Daniel LaBozetta, Isaac Anthony LaBozetta and Rachel Rosalie LaBozetta.


2.   Clifford Custer James, Jr.:  born July 28, 1955 in Nelsonville, Athens County Ohio; married July 30, 1977 in Hamilton County, Ohio to Jane A. Wissler; died August 16, 1999 (aged 44); buried August 24, 1999 in West Virginia National Cemetery, Grafton, West Virginia, Section C-1, Site 175.


3.   Janet Ellen James:  born August 31, 1957; adopted and renamed Sandra Jan Roush; married Edward Robinson; known children of Janet Ellen James and James Edom include; James Roush; known children of Janet James and Sonny Linley include Sandra Beth Linley.


Children of Clifford Custer James, Sr. (1925-2006) of Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio and Rosemary Everhart:


4.   Frederick Eugene James:  born September 14, 1960; first married to Marsha Ellinger; known children include: Cathleen James and Frederick James.


5.   Robert Earl James:  born December 2, 1962 in Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio; married to “Cindy”; known children include: Elizabeth G. James and Jayson James.


6.   James Karl James:  married June 14, 2003 in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio to Tresa Eleen Parrott.


7.   Hali Denise James:  born October 2, 1965 in Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio; married to Douglas Mozak; known children include:  Lacey Mozak, Austin Mozak, Katie Mozak and Jordan Mozak.


8.   Jennifer Lynn James:  born March 1, 1971 in Logan, Hocking County, Ohio; married to Gary Chandler; known children include:  Skyler Chandler and Dakota Chandler.





Clifford Custer James, Sr. (1925-2006) was the son of Eugene Edgar James, Jr. (1892-1963) of New Straitsville, Perry County, Ohio and Celia Rosser (1895-1958).




Information on Clifford Custer James, Sr. (1925-2006) from his daughter Elizabeth Eugenia James - courtesy of Elizabeth Eugenia “James” LaBozetta of Columbus, Ohio (2013).


Family Records of Christine Jane Elson of Long Beech, Los Angeles County, California - Daughter of Matthew William Elson (1925-2017) and granddaughter of Alice Mary James (1902-1967).


Updated:  January 6, 2021