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Children of Jehu L. James (1829-1904) of Henry County, Indiana and Mary B. Hayes (1831-1902):



1.   John Hayes James:  born October 17, 1851 near Yorktown, Delaware County, Indiana; married October 4, 1881 in Dublin, Indiana to Mary J. Leeson (1856-1891) daughter of James Leeson and Isabella Bradbury; known children include:  Leeson H. James, Gertrude James and Agnes H. James.


2.   Esther Ann James:  born December 8, 1853 in Madison County, Indiana; died September 8, 1854.


3.   Margaret A. James:  born July 22, 1855 in Madison County, Indiana; married October 17, 1976 in Madison County, Indiana to James L. Armstrong (1841-) son of John Armstrong and Letitia Daugherty; known children include:  Earl James Armstrong and Grace Lyle Armstrong.


4.   Jonas Evan James:  born February 2, 1858 in Madison County, Indiana; died August 19, 1861 in Madison County, Indiana.


5.   Hannah E. James:  born June 5, 1860 in Madison County, Indiana; first marriage October 5, 1882 in Huntsville, Madison County, Indiana to Leonard Koeniger (1861-1896) son of Louis Koeniger and Anna Luber; second marriage July 1, 1900 to John Noell (1867-) son of Frank Noell and Mary Kite; known children include:  Frederick L. Koeniger, Anna Koeniger, William Koeniger, Edward Koeniger, Mary Koeniger and Frank T. Koeniger.


6.   William James:  born November 10, 1862 in Madison County, Indiana; died January 20, 1866 in Wabash County, Indiana.


7   Mary A. James:  born January 6, 1867 in Wabash County, Indiana; married December 24, 1884 in Huntsville, Madison County, Indiana to Wintford Edward Walker (1860-1892) son of William Walker and Mary Lewis; known children include:  Oral J. Walker, William A. Walker, J. Howard Walker and Wintford E. Walker.


8   Edward P. James:  born June 16, 1869 in Madison County, Indiana; married November 11,  1896 near Pendleton, Madison County, Indiana to Lily White (1869-1903) daughter of Bartholomew White and Mary Foster Hathaway; died September 25, 1910.






Jehu L. James was the son of Evan James (1784-1844) of Washington County, Pennsylvania and Rebecca Pickering (1789-1848).




“Samuel (1754-1812) and Hannah (Smith) James:  A Quaker Family” by Susan Allyn (James) Clark, Self-Published 1996, pages 84-87.


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