Children of Elias James (circa 1775-circa 1840) of Wilmington District, North Carolina:


1.   Thomas Andrew James:  born circa 1804 in either Tennessee or Georgia; married Mary Polly Bonds (circa 1807-); died circa 1851 in Franklin County, Alabama; known children include:  Thomas James, Elizabeth James, Elias W. James, William James, Rachel James, David James, Andrew Jackson James, Enoch James, Mary James, Jefferson James, and John James.


2.   Isaac James:







Elias James (c1775-c1840) was the son of Enoch James (circa 1739-) of Upper Merion Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and Rachel Richards.


Elias James, the son of Enoch James and Rachel Richards was reportedly born about 1775 and subsequently relocated to either Tennessee or Georgia.  Although documentary evidence proving his descent from Enoch James and Rachel Richards has not been located, DNA evidence obtained through the James Y-DNA Project strongly suggests that Elias was the son of Enoch and Rachel Richards.  Elias James reportedly has 7 to 8 daughters and three sons.  The only verified son of Elias James is Thomas A. James born circa 1803, however, DNA evidence suggests that Isaac James was also one of the three sons of Elias James.




Information concerning Elias James, son of Enoch James and Rachel Richards comes from the family records of Scott K. Williams.


DNA evidence is provided by Lee Allyn James of Olympia, Washington courtesy of the James Y-DNA Surname Project.