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Children of Elias James (circa 1775-circa 1840) of Wilmington District, North Carolina:


1.   Isaac James: born December 24, 1797 in Georgia; married Elizabeth C. (E.) (1803-circa 1860) prior to 1823; died March 1880 in Neshoba County, Mississippi; known children include: William Elias James, Thomas Edmund James, Miriam Elizabeth James, Martha Emily James, Isaac Richard James, Maryan Amanda James, Marion Lumpkin James, Alven Alexander James, Susannah Frances James and Sanford Augustus James.


2.   Thomas James:  born circa 1803 in Georgia; married Mary Polly Bonds (circa 1807-); died circa 1850 in Franklin County, Alabama; known children include:  Thomas James, Elizabeth James, Elias Walter James, William James, Rachel James, David James, Andrew Jackson James, Enoch James, Mary James, Jefferson James, and John James.





Elias James (c1775-c1840) was the son of Enoch James (circa 1739-) of Upper Merion Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and Rachel Richards.


Elias James reportedly has 7 to 8 daughters and three sons.  The only verified son of Elias James is Thomas James born circa 1803.  DNA evidence indicates that Isaac James was also one of the three sons of Elias James.


Elias James migrated from the Wilmington District of North Carolina to Wilkes County, Georgia with his father Enoch as early as 1797.  In 1803 Elias is reported to have participated in the Georgia Land Lottery.  Between 1823 and 1850 both of Elias’ known sons can be found within 30 miles of Wilkes County with Isaac James residing in neighboring Elbert County, 23 miles to the north, and Thomas James residing in neighboring Warren County, 30 miles to the south.  Following 1850 Isaac would migrate further to Mississippi whereas Thomas and their father Elias would migrate to Franklin County, Alabama.


On or about 1858 Isaac James, his wife Elizabeth, their four sons: William Elias James (age 35), Isaac Richard James (age 28), Marion Lumpkin James (age 24) and Sanford Augustus James (age16), daughter Susanah Francis James (age17) and ten grandchildren moved from Elbert County, Georgia to Newton County, Mississippi. Isaac and Elizabeth left behind in Georgia four married and one soon to be married children including two sons: Thomas Edmund James (age 34), Alvin Alexander James (age21) and three daughters including Miram Elizabeth James (age 32), Martha Emily James (age30) and Maryan Amanda James (age 26).




DNA evidence provided by Lee Allyn James of Olympia, Washington courtesy of the James Y-DNA Surname Project document Elias James descent from his great grandfather David James (circa1660-1739) of Radnorshire, Wales.


In Search of the Lost Line of Enoch, by Larry James, published November 3, 2016 and appearing on the James Family Archives website at www.jamesfamilyarchives.net document Elias James decent from Enoch James (circa 1739-).


The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, Georgia. Appearing on page 233 Enoch James is in Wilkes County, Georgia in 1811 and financially supporting two orphans: Nancy Ferrington and Mandy Ferrington, the daughters of the late Aaron Ferrington.  Appearing on page 318, Elias James is residing in Wilkes County, Georgia and participating in the Land Lottery of 1803.


1830 Federal Census for the State of Georgia document Thomas James residing in Warren County.


The family records of William Ralph James, Jr. of Marietta, Georgia document Isaac James residing in Elbert County, Georgia as early as 1832.


The family records of Scott K. Williams document Thomas James as the son of Elias James.


Find A Grave Memorial for Isaac James (1797-1880), Memorial ID No. 196805780, created by William James, added February 12, 2019.


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