Children of Thomas “Andrew” James (circa 1804-circa 1851) and Mary Polly Bonds (circa 1807-) of Georgia:


1.   Thomas James:  born circa 1830 in Georgia.


2.   Elizabeth James:  born circa 1833 in Alabama.


3.   Elias Walter James:  born February 4, 1836 in Franklin County, Alabama; married Cynthia McGary Richardson (1847-1915), daughter of John Richardson and Nancy Hester; died January 24, 1917 in Pogo, Franklin County, Alabama; buried at the James Cemetery near Pogo, Alabama at the base of Freedom Hills, overlooking the beautiful valley; known children include:  William Amos James, Robert David James, John Andrew James, Thomas Enoch James, Daniel Jonson James, Alfred Clark James, Elias Wilson James, Nancy Catherine James, Mary Etta James, Joe Guyton James, Naomi Samantha James, Modena Alice James and Jim A. James.


4.   William James:  born circa 1837 in Franklin County, Alabama.


5.   Rachel James:  born circa 1840 in Franklin County, Alabama.


6.   David James:  born circa 1842 in Franklin County, Alabama.


7.   Andrew Jackson James:  born August 23, 1844 in Franklin County, Alabama; married Martha “Mat” Ann Britnell; died November 8, 1902; known children include:  Arthur Lee James, Nora “Myrtle” James, George James, Cynthia James, Lillie James, Willie James, Jennie Beulah James, Elias Hugh James, Edward N. James and Eugene James.


8.   Enoch Jimmy James:  born circa 1846 in Franklin County, Alabama, married about 1870 to Adeline Spruiell (1853-1879); died May 28, 1885 in Monroe County, Alabama; buried at Shady Grove Cemetery, Clarendon, Arkansas; known children include:  Virginia (Jennie) Burton James and Malinda James.


9.   Mary James:  born circa 1848 in Alabama.


10. Jefferson James:


11. John James:






Thomas Andrew James (c1803-c1850) was the son of Elias James (circa 1775-circa 1840) of Wilmington District, North Carolina.


Elias W. James (1836-) enlisted in Co. E, 4th Alabama “Roddey’s” Cavalry, CSA.  His younger brother Enoch also served in the same unit.  Elias was severely wounded on December 24, 1864 in a skirmish north of Decatur, Alabama.  A Yankee shell exploded near his horse, a piece of shrapnel struck him in the head.  A piece of his skull was shot out and covered with a metal plate.  J. A. Taylor, of the same unit, carried Elias home from the battlefield.




Information concerning Thomas A. James (c1803-c1850), son of Elias James (c1775-c1840) possibly of Wilmington District, North Carolina comes from the family records of Scott K. Williams.


Information concerning Enoch Jimmy James (c1846-1885), son of Thomas Andrew James (c1803-c1850) comes from the family records of Preston Malone.


Census: 7th U.S. 1850 District No. 5, Franklin County, Alabama.


Census: 9th U.S. 1870 Township 7 Range 14, Nelsonville, Franklin County, Alabama