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Children of James W. James (1837-1897) of Bedford County, Virginia and Jenetta H. West (1842-?) of Missouri:


1.   John James: born March 12 1876 in Boone County, Arkansas; married in 1899 to Mamie Batey; died in 1958 in Braggs, Oklahoma; buried in Greenleaf Cemetery, Tahlequah, Oklahoma; known children include:  Jeter James, Wilburn Clarence James and two others.


2.   Ann Rose James:  born circa 1878.


3.   Ida James:


4.   Edna James:  born December 26, 1880 in Arcadia, Crawford County, Kansas


5.   Inez Ethel James:  born December 26, 1880 in Arcadia, Crawford County, Kansas; first marriage circa 1898 in Oklahoma to John LaPlant (1880-?); second marriage to Hiram Lafayette Hinds (1880-1963); died April 14, 1968 in Muskogee, Muskogee County, Oklahoma; buried at South Bethel Cemetery in Braggs, Muskogee County, Oklahoma; known children include:  Blanch E. LaPlant.


6.   Fred R. James: born January 26, 1882 in Kansas; married Ella Hall.


7.   Noah James:  born August 15, 1886 in Boone County, Arkansas; died January 19, 1964.





James W. James (1837-1897) was the son of George Washington James (1812-1864) and Elizabeth West of Bedford County, Virginia.


With regard to James W. James (1837-1897), there are reports that he may have been married twice.  James is also reported to have been married to Jenetta Cochran (-1911).  However, James was 21 years old at the time of his marriage to Jennetta H. West in 1858 and Jennetta H. West is known to be the mother of James’ youngest child, his daughter Inez Ethel James born in 1880.  Thus, we know that James W. James was married to Jennetta H. West for a minimum of 22 years.  The question is whether James W. James married Jenetta Cochran after 1880?




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