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Children of Alice Mary James (1902-1967) of Buchtel, Athens County, Ohio and Mathew Albert Elson (1896-1971):


1.   Matthew William Elson: born February 18, 1925 in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio; married December 26, 1948 in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio to Dorothy Jean Rosser (1926-2012); died December 12, 2017 (aged 92) in Brookfield, Waukesha County, Wisconsin; cremated;  known children include: Christine Jane Elson, Mark Andrew Elson and Susan Gail Elson.


2.   Mary Alice Elson: born May 9, 1928 in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio; married May 25, 1954 in Wayne County, Indiana to John Joseph Cook (1922-1995); died October 4, 1997 (aged 69) in Arlington, Tarrant County, Texas; buried at Parkdale Cemetery, Arlington, Tarrant County, Texas.





Alice Mary James (1902-1967) was the daughter of Eugene Edgar James (1863-1944) of Millfield, Athens County, Ohio and Elizabeth Gertrude Stalter (1868-1936).




Family Records of Christine Jane Elson of Long Beech, Los Angeles County, California - Daughter of Matthew William Elson (1925-2017) and granddaughter of Alice Mary James (1902-1967).


Matthew William Elson (1925-2017), Find A Grave Memorial, ID No. 185867843, by Cleome, added December 12, 2017.


Mary Alice (Elson) Cook (1928-1997), Id., Memorial ID No. 84871372, by Cleome, added February 12, 2012.




Matthew William Elson (1925-2017)



Mary Alice (Elson) Cook (1928-1997)



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