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Children of George Washington James (1869-1944) of Arcadia, Kansas and Emma M. Logston (1872–1919):


1.   Frank W. James: born circa 1902 in Oklahoma.


2.   William Leroy James:  born September 19, 1903 in South Fox Township, Lincoln County, Oklahoma; married circa 1934 to Lina Mae Daniels (1912-1960, daughter of Edward Daniels (1874-1919) and Arizona Dameron (1883-1960); died, July 13, 1978 (aged 74) in Vinita, Craig County, Oklahoma; buried at White Oak Cemetery, White Oak, Craig County, Oklahoma; known children include: Virgil James, Franklin Delano James, Lee Roy James, Carrie James, Mary Ellen James and Hazel L. James.


3.   Charles Calvin James:  born May 2, 1905 in Oklahoma; married Gertrude Lea Blair; died September 22, 1977 (aged 72); buried at Hickory Grove Cemetery, Grove, Delaware County, Oklahoma; known children include: Charles Pat James, Sr.


4.   Hazel L. James:  born circa 1908 in Oklahoma; died August 12, 1920 (aged 12) in Miami, Ottawa County, Oklahoma (from typhoid fever); buried at G.A.R. Cemetery in Miami, Ottawa County, Oklahoma.


5.   Lola B. James:  born April 24, 1918 in Big Cabin, Craig County, Oklahoma; first marriage to Roy Leo Hicks; second marriage to Frank Lindley; third marriage to William McCrary; fourth marriage to Jan Green; fifth marriage to Gene Hibdon; died June 8, 1996 (aged 78) in Norman, Cleveland County, Oklahoma; buried at Chelsea Cemetery, Chelsea, Rogers County, Oklahoma; known children include: Roy Leon Hicks, Rebecca Sue Hicks and Deloris Merriman McCrary.


Children of George Washington James (1869-1944) of Arcadia, Kansas and Arizona Dameron (1883-1960) of White House, Kentucky:


6.   Iva Lorene James:  born June 16, 1920; first marriage in 1935 to Harry Hayworth (1915-1975); second marriage in March 1950 to George Arless Buttram (1912–1994); died January 25,1990 (aged 69); buried at the Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery, Garden of Hope, Blk 1, Lot 0, Row 14, Grave 11, Miami, Ottawa County, Oklahoma; known children through Harry Hayworth include: Dewey Hayworth, Glen Hayworth, Linda Hayworth, Lorettta Hayworth and Bobby Joe Hayworth; known children through George Buttram include: Phyllis Buttram and Deborah Buttram.


7.   Melvin N. James:  born November 11, 1923 in Miami, Ottawa County, Oklahoma; married February 2, 1947 to Billie Jean Epperson (1927–2009), daughter of Oscar Lee Epperson and Ludie Nell Ketchum; died November 11, 2013 (aged 90) in Chelsea, Rogers County, Oklahoma; buried at White Oak Cemetery, White Oak, Craig County, Oklahoma; known children include: Nicky Denise James, Dennis Bradley James, Graham Brent James and Lindley Chris James.


8.   Lee “PeeWee” Vern James: born March 10, 1927; married Patsy Brannon; died January 25, 2000 (aged 72); buried at Memorial Gardens, Grand Junction, Mesa County, Colorado; known children include: Leanna James, Elaine James and Lynn James.





George Washington James (1869-1944) was the son of Jonathan James (1848-?) of Clinton County, Kentucky and Louisa Katherine Archer (1855-1928).


In November 1917, following 19 years of marriage, George Washington James left Emma Logston and their then four children behind in Craig County, Oklahoma.  At the time of his departure Emma was three months pregnant with their fifth and final child, Lola B. James.  George moved 81 miles south to the town of Braggs in Muskogee County, Oklahoma where he worked a farm and grew cotton.  On April 24, 1918, five months following George's departure, Emma gave birth to Lola B. James.


In July 1918, three months following Lola’s birth, George returned home to Craig County, Oklahoma to fetch his two eldest sons, Frank James (age 16) and William James (age 14) to assist him in his labor in Muskogee County, Oklahoma. The following month, August 1918, Emma Logston filed a petition for the dissolution of her marriage to George Washington James.  Her stated reasons for divorcing George included the alleged facts that George had not provided any financial support to her and their five children during the prior nine months while George was away; and, George had taken their two eldest sons Frank and William who, since the time of their father's departure in November 1917, had been helping financially support Emma and their younger siblings.  On September 13, 1918, a summons for George to answer the petition for dissolution of marriage was issued.  George was ordered to answer by October 3, 1918.


On February 4, 1919 - the judgement of divorce was granted and signed by the district judge.  Emma was awarded full custody of all five of their children.  The judgement of divorce took effect on August 4, 1919.  At the time of her parents divorce, Lola was 1 year and three months old.


Following her divorce Emma Logston quickly remarried to James Lewis Puckett.  Her marriage to Mr. Puckett, however, would not last long - less than five months.  In late 1919, prior to the end of the year, Emma was bitten by a poisonous snake and died.  Following Emma’s death, George Washington James took custody of his four eldest children: Frank, William, Charles and Hazel, but refused to acknowledge his paternity of Lola.  


By January 1, 1920 George’s eldest children were living with him and his new wife Arizona Dameron whom he married on August 12, 1919 in Vinita, Oklahoma.  George and Arizona resided in Miami City, Ottawa County, Oklahoma.  Because George had refused to acknowledge his paternity of Lola, who was still less than two years old, Lola B. James was left in the hands of her step-father James Lewis Puckett.  Mr. Puckett immediately turned the care of Lola over to his relatives Charles Franklin Trickey (1870–1951) and Mary E. Trickey who raised Lola as a foster child without ever adopting her.


George Washington James would have three more children through his second wife Arrizona Dameron.  These include Iva Lorene James (1920), Melvin N. James (1923) and Lee Vern James whom he raised side by side with the children from Arizona's prior marriage.  After her separation from her four older siblings, Lola B. James would never see them or her father again.  However, In 1995, at the age of 77, Lola B. James was introduced to her half-brother Melvin N. James by her son Roy Leon Hicks who sought out her mother’s James family.


Lola, who went by the name Lola Mae Hibdon, spent her entire life not knowing her legal maiden name.  Lola knew that the Trickey family who had raised her were not her biological parents.  She was brought up believing that her step-father, James Lewis Puckett, was her actual biological father.  George Washington James’ paternity of Lola was finally verified through the DNA testing of Lola’s children more than 70 years after her birth.  Nevertheless, at the time of her reunion with her James family in 1995, her family likeness to other members of the James family confirmed for Lola her actual descent from George Washington James, her biological father.




Family Records of Nicky D. James Harris of Chelsea, Oklahoma - daughter of Melvin N. James (1923-2013) provided to the James Family Archives.


Family Records of Donna Hicks Williams of Mulvane, Kansas - granddaughter of Lola B. James (1918-1996) provided to the James Family Archives.


Family Records of Debbie Buttram Rush of Commerce, Oklahoma - daughter of Iva Lorene James (1920-1990) provided to the James Family Archives.


Petition for the Dissolution of Marriage in the Matter of Emma James vs. George W. James in the District Court of Craig County, Oklahoma, dated April 1918; Sworn Affidavit of Emma James in Support; Summons issued to George James; and, Judgement of Divorce entered by the District Judge on February 4, 1919.


Fourteenth Census of the United States: 1920 - Population for the State of Oklahoma, County of Ottawa, Miami City, 4th Ward, Enumeration District No. 120, Sheet No. 17A, Lines Nos. 1-10, Household of George W. James (aged 48) and Arizona James (aged 35) - listing step children: Forest Daniels (11), Bertta M. Daniels (9), Mimia Daniels (6) and Albert D. Daniels (5).  Also listing children: Frank James (19), Charley James (14) and Hazel James (11).


Descendants of Lawrence Dameron, Sr. on Roots Web at:



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Below - Lola B. James (1918-1996) with children Rebecca Sue Hicks and Roy Leon Hicks.


Below - Iva Lorene James Buttram (1920-1990).


Below - Melvin James (1923-2013).


Below - Patsy Brannon and Lee Vern James (1927-2000).


James Family Reunion in 1995 w/ Melvin James (1923-2013) and Lola B. (James) Hibdon (1918-1996).



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