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Certificate of Removal of David & Margaret James from
Radnorshire Men’s Meeting (July 20, 1683)

RANDNORSHIRE att our Men’s Meeting the 20th day of the 5th month anno Domini 1683.

Whereas we understand yt our dear friend David James, and his wife Margaret, with his daughter Mary who have for several years past inhabited amongst us both in the parish of Llandegley and Glascum both in the county of Radnor, having now arrived in the 8th mon. 1682 into the Province of Pennsylvania, seeing he doth require a certificate from us his friends & former acquaintance we doe therefore certifie unto all whom it may concern that he hath been a man walking harmless and of good behaviour, loving to friends & having good report amongst his neighbours & soe left a good savour behind with us – And his dear wife Margaret hath owned the same truth these several years & hath walked orderly and in love among friends, & we do further certifie that our friend D. James did not transport himself & family into ye place aforesaid for any debt or debts to any person or persons, neither for any wrongful act or deed by him his wife or child done or committed against any person or persons whatsoever & to this testimony we put our names as followeth:-

OWEN HUMPHREY               JOHN LLOYD                                               REES AP REES
JOHN JARMIN                        EDWARD MOORE                                     ROGER HUGHES
DANIEL LEWIS                       RICHARD COOK                                        JOHN ROBERTS
NATHAN WOODLIFF           DAVID GRIFFITH                                       JOHN WATSON