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Children of Jesse K. James (1814-1896) of Jefferson County, Ohio and Mary Harvey (1813-?):

1.  Henry James:  born October 7, 1840 in Greensboro Township, Henry County, Indiana; served in the Civil War as a Corporal in Company A, 75th Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry; killed in battle on September 19, 1863 at Chickamauga, Georgia; buried at the National Cemetery in Chattanooga.

2.  Evan James:  born May 13, 1842 in Greensboro Township, Henry County, Indiana; married November 25, 1869 in Wabash County, Indiana to Sarah Elizabeth Leedy; known children include:  Josie James and Mary Pearl James.

3.  Samuel James:  born February 5, 1844 in Greensboro Township, Henry County, Indiana; served in the Civil War as a Corporal in Company G, 118th Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry; died October 20, 1863; buried in Knoxville, Tennessee.

4.  Mary Melissa James:  born October 19, 1845 in either Greensboro Township, Henry County, Indiana or Wabash County, Indiana; married William W. Underwood (1838-1888), son of Ezekial Underwood and Anna Wall; died April 24, 1934 (aged 88); buried at Dexter Cemetery, Dexter, Cowley County, Kansas; known children include: James Underwood, Ortus Underwood, Leona Martha Underwood, Otto Underwood, Mary Melissa Underwood, Kate Underwood, Grace Underwood, Earl Underwood, Raymond Underwood and Lloyd Underwood.

5.  David R. James:  born December 20, 1847 in Greensboro Township, Henry County, Indiana; married circa 1874 to Elizabeth Alice Davis (1848-1921); died circa May 4, 1930; known children include:  Jesse Orville James, Willis Alva James, Mary E. James, Matty D. James, Glenn James, Merle James, Von James, Bryant D. James, Verne James and Walter P. James.

6.  Robert Owen James:  born circa March 19, 1850 in LaGro Township, Wabash County, Indiana; married May 9, 1878 in Remington, Jasper County, Indiana to Mary Pearl Leedy; known children include:  Rolin Roscoe James.

7.  Jesse Elwood James:  born February 18, 1854 in LaGro Township, Wabash County, Indiana; died November 11, 1859; buried at Rush Creek Burial Grounds in Lincolnville, Wabash County, Indiana.


Jesse K. James (1814-1896) was the son of Evan James (1784-1844) of Washington County, Pennsylvania and Rebecca Pickering (1789-1848).

Henry James (1840-1863) served in the 75th Indiana Volunteer Infantry and was engaged in the Battle of Chickamauga (September 18–20, 1863).  He charged down Snodgrass Hill.  Henry was hit by a minnie ball that entered under his chin, and exited through his cheek, removing most of his jaw. He spent the night on the battlefield, and the next morning made his way to a Confederate aid station.  Based on correspondence between the Confederate doctor and his father Jesse K. James, after the war, we know that although Henry was in great pain he helped nurse the other soldiers there.  Henry succumbed to his wounds three days later and died. The Confederates kept track of his body, and he was later buried in the National Cemetery in Chattanooga.

Samuel James (1844-1863) served in the Civil War as a Corporal in Company G, 118th Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry.  He died, presumably, of pneumonia while in a Federal Hospital near Knoxville, Tennessee.  According to the officer in charge, a board was erected as as a headstone. That board was later dislodged, and the Federals had no other record of where his body was.  After the war, his father Jesse K. James went down to both Knoxville, and Chattanooga to visit the graves of his sons.

Mary Melissa James (1845-1934) was married to William W. Underwood (1838-1888) who also served in the 118th Regiment of the Indiana Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War.  Will's family were Quakers from Clinton County, Ohio. Will is also buried in Dexter Kansas.


Find A Grave Memorial for Mary Melissa James (1845-1934), ID No. 16716837, created by Judy Mayfield and added November 19, 2006.

Family records of Susan Steiner, AKA “Susan Amanda Maring,” great, great granddaughter of Mary Melissa James (1845-1944).


Pictured below in the back row is David R. James (1847-1930) and Mary Melissa “James” Underwood (1845-1934). In the front row is Evan James (1842-1938) and Robert Owen James (1850-?).


Pictured below on the left in the uniform of the 118th Indiana Volunteer Infantry is Samuel James (1844-1863).


Pictured below is William W. Underwood (1838-1888) and a younger Mary Melissa James (1845-1934).


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