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Children of Griffith James (-1812) and Mary Gyger (-1825) of Radnor Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania:

1.   Mary James:  died of consumption at age 22.

2.   Rachel James:  married Jesse Burrows; known children include:  J. Wesley Burrows and Mary Ann Burrows.

3.   David James:  born February 24, 1773; married January 1, 1805 by Reverend William Colbert to Elizabeth Boehm (January 4, 1783 -July 16, 1820) daughter of Jacob and Barbara Boehm; died January 23, 1848; known children include:  Jacob Boehm James, Mary James, Henry Boehm James, Isaac David James, Elizabeth James and Julian Barbara James.

4.   Moses James: died at age 23.

5.   Isaac James:  born January 28, 1777 in Radnor Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania; first married March 26, 1801 in Coventry, Chester County, Pennsylvania to Henrietta Potts (born May 30, 1780 - died 1832); second marriage to Huldah Wetherill; died January 22, 1874 in Radnor Township, Chester County; buried at Radnor United Methodist Church, Radnor Township, Pennsylvania; known children include: John Fletcher James, Thomas Potts James, David James, Anna Potts James, Mary Ann James, Isaac Griffith James, Samuel Nutt James, Henrietta James, Martha Haskins James.



Griffith James (-1812) was the son of Evan James (1715-1794) and Margaret Jones (-1790) of Radnor Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Isaac James resided on the land, a right to part of which his great-grandfather David had purchased in Wales; but he sold the greater part of this estate about 1820, and removed with his family to Trenton.  He studied medicine and attended lectures in the University of Pennsylvania and New York, and received his degree of M.D. from Columbia College.  After practicing his profession in Trenton and Philadelphia, he returned to Radnor and resided on a portion of his plantation, which he had reserved from the previous sale.  Here his wife died April 18, 1832, and, a few years after, the remnant of his real estate in the old Welsh colony was sold, and he removed to Bucks County, where he married for a second time to Huldah Wetherill.  Isaac was still alive in 1874 and reported in his ninety-seventh year.  The Evening Telegraph printed the following information in October 1870, “`The Methodist’ says: `Rev. Isaac James, M.D., of Bustleton, Pennsylvania, has the honor of being the oldest Methodist in the world.  He is in his ninety-fourth year, being born January 28, 1777.  He joined the Methodist society in 1790, - eighty years ago.  He was licensed to exhort in 1798, to preach in 1800.  Was ordained deacon by Bishop Asbury in 1806, and elder by Bishop Morris in 1849.’”


Memorial of Thomas Potts James Who Settled in Pennsylvania, by Mrs. Thomas Potts James, 1874, page 252.

Bible of David James on microfilm with LDS Family History Library, Pages 678-680.

Autobiography of Reverend Isaac James, M.D. (1869) Transcribed by Reverend Joseph F. Di Paolo, February 2006.

Transcription of the Family Record contained within the family Bible of Isaac James (1777-1874), located just after the title to the New Testament.  This Bible is reported to have been caught in the flood resulting from Hurricane Agnes in 1972.  Many pages were or are close to ruined.  This information was presented to the James Family Archives by Barbie James and the location of the family Bible of Isaac James (1777-1874) is still to be determined.