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Children of Jonathan H. James (1848-1928) of Clinton County, Kentucky and Louisa Katherine Archer (1855-1928):


1.    George Washington James:  born July 27, 1869 in Arcadia, Crawford County, Kansas; first marriage May 16, 1898 in Vinita, Indian Territory (Craig County), Oklahoma to Emma M. Logston (1872–1919), daughter of John S. and Martha J. Logston; divorced from Emma Logston on August 4, 1919; second marriage August 12, 1919 in Vinita, Craig County, Oklahoma to Arizona Dameron (1883-1960), daughter of Richard Dameron and Margaret Castle; died May 8, 1944 (aged 74); buried at White Oak Cemetery, White Oak, Craig County, Oklahoma; known children through Emma Logston include: Frank W. James, William Leroy James, Charles Calvin James, Hazel L. James and Lola B. James; known children through Arizona Dameron include: Iva Lorene James, Melvin N. James and Lee Vern James.


2.    Daniel R. James: born circa 1875 in Arcadia, Crawford County, Kansas; first marriage November 30, 1898 in Ft. Gibson, Muskogee County, Indian Territory to Ella Turnham; second marriage circa 1902 in Oklahoma to Elizabeth; died 1950 (aged 75) in Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Oklahoma; known children include Daniel R. James, Jr.


3.    William Franklin James. A.K.A “Frank William James”:  born April 1, 1876 in Arcadia, Crawford County, Kansas; married 1917 to Bertha “Lou” Keeton (1893-1988), daughter of Leander Marion Keeton (1854–1938) of Pendleton County, Kentucky; died May 31, 1951 (aged 75); buried at McGregor Cemetery, Block 15, McGregor, McLennan County, Texas; known children include: Felicia Mae (James) Moore (1910-2003), Gladys V. (James) Bailey (1914-1981), William Louis James (1923-1989), Dennis Madison James (1925-1992), Frieda (James) Bales (1927-2011), Stella Jean (James) Hayes (1930-2006), Jurl L James (1932-1984), and, Richard Durwood James (1934-2000).


4.    Harrison James:  born January 24, 1890 in Mulberry, Crawford County, Kansas; married April 26, 1915 at Big Cabin, Craig County, Oklahoma to Lona Stanson "Lonie" Roberts (1894-1969), daughter of Francis Marion Roberts (1854-1923) and Martha Jane Waldon (1858-1904) of Shelby County, Illinois; died January 7, 1926 (aged 35) in Muskogee, Muskogee County, Oklahoma; buried at Greenhill Cemetery, Muskogee, Muskogee County, Oklahoma; known children include: Burnice “Buck” Franklin James (1910-1980).


5.    Mary Ann Louisa James:  born July 9, 1892 in Arcadia, Crawford County, Kansas; first marriage circa 1913 in Chelsea, Oklahoma to Jesse Andrew Carter (1894-1920) son of Berry Carter and Elizabeth Thompson; second marriage circa 1922 to Henry Dailey; third marriage circa 1936 to Thomas H. Powers (1902-1962); died November 14, 1958 (aged 66) in Bartlesville, Washington County, Oklahoma; buried in Pawhuska City Cemetery, Pawhuska, Osage County, Oklahoma; known children include: Frederick Carter (1914-1914), Manford Andrew Carter (1914-1989), Mildred Carter (1916-ukn), Jesse Andrew Carter, Archie Dailey.




Jonathan James (1848-?) was the son of George Washington James (1812-1864) and Elizabeth West of Bedford County, Virginia.


William Franklin James. A.K.A “Frank William James”:(1876-1951 served as a Private with the Kansas State 22nd Infantry during the Spanish American War.




See, Family Records of Lee Cagle.


See, Family Records of Nicky D. (James) Harris of Chelsea, Oklahoma - daughter of Melvin N. James (1923-2013).


See, Family Records of Donna Williams of Mulvane, Kansas - granddaughter of Lola B. James (1918-1996).


See, 1880 Federal Census for Crawford County, Kansas, Arcadia P.O. – Record of “Jonathan James”


See, 1910 Federal Census for Davenport, Lincoln County, Oklahoma, Enumeration District: 0110 Family #0045 for “Jonathan James.”


See, Fourteenth Census of the United States: 1920 - Population for the State of Oklahoma, County of Ottawa, Miami City, 4th Ward, Enumeration District No. 120, Sheet No. 17A, Lines Nos. 1-10, Household of George W. James (aged 48) and Arizona James (aged 35) - listing step children: Forest Daniels (11), Bertta M. Daniels (9), Mimia Daniels (6) and Albert D. Daniels (5).  Also listing children: Frank James (19), Charley James (14) and Hazel James (11).


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