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Children of John Dew James (1861-1951) of Lebanon, Kansas and Rosena Amelia Mechau:

1.   Gertrude James:  born November 8, 1883 in Robinson, Kansas; married Arthur Garfield Nims; died October 29, 1944 in Washington, Kansas; known children include:  Bernard Arthur Nims; Dorothy Lucille Nims; Doris Louise Nims and Esther Gertrude Nims.

2.   Oliver Ray James:  born October 15, 1885 in Washington, Kansas; married Gertrude Kathryn Malvy; died August 10, 1962 in Denver, Colorado; known children include:  Cleo Oliver James; Lola Dean James; Gerald James; Virginia James; Helen Mae James; Rita Kathryn James and William Robert James.

3.   Maud A. James:  born April 3, 1888 in Washington, Kansas; died December 25, 1891 in Brown County, Kansas.

4.   Charles Ray James:  born October 8, 1890 in Brown County, Kansas; married Florence Letta Culp; died December 27, 1972 in Cushing, Oklahoma; known children include:  Zola Marie James, Melvin Maurice James, Marvin Dean James and Carol Rose James.

5.   Frederich A. James:  born May 16, 1893 in Washington, Kansas; married to Dollie V. Holland; died December 28, 1982 in Cushing, Kansas; known children include:  Vocille Winifred James and Shirley Ann James.

6.   Rheuben E. James:  born February 26, 1896 in Hollenberg, Kansas; died May 14, 1903 in Washington, Kansas.

7.   Donald E. James:  born April 23, 1899 in Washington, Kansas; first married to Gertrude Brinson; second marriage to Billie Brandle; third marriage to Emma Harrold; died February 22, 1976 in California; known children through Gertrude Brinson:  J.R. James, Albert Neil James, Leonard Wayne James and Harry E. James.

8.   Harold Leigh James:  born January 22, 1902 in Washington, Kansas; married Nellie Cottingham; died January 9, 1985 in Cushing, Oklahoma.


John Dew James (1861-1951) was the son of Oliver Cleo James (1819-1880) of Jefferson County, Ohio and Margaret Clark (1830-1881).


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Updated: January 9, 2021