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Children of William “Will” Wilson James (1866-1927) of Lucas County, Iowa and Mary Myrtue:

1.   Andrew Milo James:  born March 4, 1895 in Lincoln Township, Shelby County, Iowa; first married August 29, 1919 in Harrison County, Iowa to Uta Ethel Hopkins; second marriage November 4, 1931 to Sarah Eunice Mills; died May 23, 1962 in Woodbine, Iowa; known children through Uta Ethel Hopkins include:  Helen Marquerite James, Dorothy Marie James and Howard David James; known children through Sarah Eunice Mills include:  Patricia Ann James, Elizabeth Maureen James and Andrew Richard James.

2.   Marie Christina James:  born August 14, 1896 in Ute, Iowa; married June 15, 1917 in Logan, Iowa to Fred Leroy Teagar; died November 18, 1983 in Puyallup, Washington.

3.   Paul Morris James:  born December 14, 1897 in Ute, Iowa; married November 24, 1922 to Ethel Elizabeth Rodenbaugh; died August 16, 1988 in Woodbine, Iowa; known children include:  Mary Olive James, Bonnie June James and Robert Paul James.

4.   Valaria Margaret James:  born July 13, 1901; unmarried; died January 7, 1916.

5.   Howard William James:  born September 1, 1906 in Lincoln Township, Harrison County, Iowa; married June 15, 1933 at Methodist Church in Dunlap, Harrison County, Iowa by Reverend David M. Young to Katherine Roberta Williams, daughter of Robert Avery Williams and Katherine Kalat Kohout; died September 4, 1950 in Seattle, Washington; cremated and ashed interred at the Acacia Memorial Park in Seattle; known children include:  Lee Allyn James (Family Tree Y-DNA Kit No. 39245) and Rosemary Carol James.


William “Will” Wilson James was the son of Oliver Cleo James (1819-1880) of Jefferson County,

Lee Allyn James, mentioned above, is a participant in the James Y-DNA Surname Project supported by Family Tree DNA, Inc. at www.jamesdna.net as member No. 39245.


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