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Children of Mary Susan Elizabeth James (1810-1882) of Bedford County, Virginia and Elijah Howell (1805-1864):


1.   Isaac Jackson Howell:  born circa 1829 in Bedford County, Virginia; married Mary; died circa 1868; killed by runaway team of horses along a stake and rider fence.


2.   Craven S. Howell: born April 3, 1832 in Bedford County, Virginia; married 1856 to Sphronia Tucker; died circa 1864.


3.   Mary Susan Virginia Howell:  born February 21, 1833 in Bedford County, Virginia; married July 20, 1852 to John Preston Jennings; died November 24, 1921 in Appanoose County, Iowa; buried at Fairview Cemetery, Appanoose County, Iowa.


4.   James David Howell:  born November 16, 1841 in Bedford County, Virginia; married January 16, 1870 in Audrain County, Missouri to Martha A. (Bell) Denny, a widow, daughter of James and Mary Bell; died February 26, 1927 in Davis County, Iowa near Moulton; buried in Orleans Cemetery, Appanoose County, Iowa.


5.   Emily Anna Howell:  born circa 1851; married Alex Laughlin; died circa 1872.


6.   Madison Van Buren Howell: married Nancy Hays; died in Moulton, Appanoose County, Iowa.


7.   Aaron Howell:





Mary Susan Elizabeth James (1810-1882) was the daughter of Isaac Daniel James (1770-1853) and Mary Elizabeth “Polly” James (1774-1864) of Upper Marion Township, Pennsylvania.




Information provided to Steve B. James from Darrel W. Kirby of Bloomfield, Iowa in 1985 and from Paulette Wilson of Wichita, Kansas.


Updated: January 9, 2021