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Children of Elias James (1744-1789) and Anna Matson (1746-1827) of Upper Merion Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania:


1.    Thomas James:  born April 2, 1768 in Upper Merion Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania; married March 19, 1812 in Snickersvile (Bluemont), Loudoun County, Virginia to Mary Russell (1786-1861); died August 4, 1839 (aged 71) in Loudoun County, Virginia; buried at Goose Creek Burying Ground in Lincoln, Loudoun County, Virginia; known children include: Matson James, Mason James, Robert James, Craven James, Hannah James, Asa James, Thomas James, Mary James, Sarah James and Emily James.


2.    Ann James:  born July 24, 1768 (unconfirmed) in Upper Merion Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania; married February 26, 1787 in Frederick County, Maryland to James Nichols; died circa 1789.


3.    Isaac Daniel James:  born October 15, 1770 in Upper Merion Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania; married November 24, 1796 in Bedford County, Virginia to Mary Elizabeth “Polly” James (1774-1864), daughter of Daniel James (1750-1817) and Susannah Baelert; died December 6, 1853 (aged 83) in Bedford County, Virginia; known children include: Mary Susan Elizabeth James, Hannah M. James, Aaron James, Elias James, Mary Anna James, Susan James, Matson James and Isaac Daniel James, Jr.


4.    Hannah James:  born July 8, 1772 in Upper Merion Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania; married June 10, 1794 in Loudoun County, Virginia to Jesse Howell (1775-1855), son of William Howell and Martha Marks; died December 10, 1852 (aged 80) in Loudoun County, Virginia; buried at Goose Creek Burying Ground, Lincoln, Loudoun County, Virginia; known children include: Levi Howell, Abel Howell, Elijah Howell, Anna Howell, David Howell, Craven James Howell, Eda Howell, Emily Howell and James M. Howell.


5.    James James:  born October 26, 1777 in Loudoun County, Virginia; married to Sarah Hanks (1781-1854); appears in Providence Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania in 1808; appears in Dover Township, Athens County, Ohio in 1850; died October 23, 1866 in Amesville, Athens County, Ohio; buried at Concord Cemetery, Amesville, Ames Township, Athens County, Ohio; known children include:  Isaac James, Asa M. James, William Scott James, Anna James, Duanna James, Sitha James, Joel James, Rhoda James and Matson James.


6.    Elias James, Jr.:  born 1785 in Shelburn Parrish, Loudoun County, Virginia; married 1806 in Loudoun County to Nancy Fry (1785-1863); moved circa 1809 to Bedford County, Pennsylvania; moved again to Coshocton County, Ohio; operated March 21, 1831 a tavern at Claysville, Coshocton, County; died 1860 in Coshocton County; known children include:  Catherine James, Anna James, Thomas James and Mary James.




Elias James was the son of Thomas James (1690-1753) and Mary Jones of Upper Merion Township, Montgomery County Pennsylvania.


Thomas James (1768-1839) is reported to have been a Quaker even though his parents belonged to Ketoctin Baptist Church in Loudoun County, Virginia.  He owned and operated a farm known as “Brookdale” about two miles northeast of Bluemont, then known as “Snickersville.”


Thomas James, the son of Elias James, Jr., mentioned above, was born on May 14, 1812 in Coshocton County, Ohio.  He married Sarah Ann Cochran circa 1833 and died March 23, 1889 in Coshocton County, Ohio.  There known children include:  Melvina James, Rebecca J. James, Rachel V. James, Ruth V. James, Nancy E. James, Sarah K. James, James F. James and Elias William James.  The last son, Elias William James was born on February 11, 1837 in East Union, Coshocton County, Ohio.  He married Cornelia A. Denver, daughter of Patrick Denver and Mary Murphy of Clinton, Ohio on May 26, 1870 or May 16, 1871 or and died circa 1904.  Elias and Cornelia are known to have had a daughter Mary D. James born February 1873 and Rosalie James born April 1887.




Records of the James Family Archives.


Family Records of William Osburn James (1910-1986) and Frances P. James of Purcellville, Loudoun County, Virginia.


Last Will and Testament of Elias James (May 29, 1789), Loudoun County, Virginia, Will Book "D", Page 102.


Family Bible of Thomas James (1768-1839).


Thomas James (1812-1889) on “My Genealogy Home Page,” by Perry J. Rutlege of Aledo, Texas, January 11, 2008 on Genealogy.com.


Apprentices, Poor Children and Bastards, Loudoun County, Virginia, 1757-1850, by Louisa Skinner Hutchison, Westminster, MD, 2000, page 60: “Q, [Order or Minute Book] page 83:  9 Feb 1795, James James, 17 yrs. old 26 Oct 1794, to Asa MOORE, to be a tanner and currier.”  This book is found at the Clayton Library, Houston, Texas and proves James James date of birth as October 26, 1777.  Provided by Waunita Gibbons of Houston, Texas. 


Virtual Memorials on “Find A Grave” Website:


Thomas James (1768-1839), Memorial, ID No. 56982197, by MaryAnne Bingman, added August 12, 2010.


Mary Russell James (1786-1861), Memorial ID No. 36386047, by MaryAnne Bingman, added April 26, 2009.


Isaac Daniel James (1770-1853), Memorial ID No. 87317825, by Mottyrutt, added March 24, 2012.


Hannah James Howell (1772-1852), Memorial ID No. 28908236, by Brenda Goldy, added August 9, 2008.


James James (1777-1876), Memorial ID No. 53104572, by Graver, added June 1, 2010.


Sarah Hanks James (1781-1854), Memorial ID No. 69121676, by Dan Layton, added April 29, 2011.



Isaac Daniel James, Sr. (1770-1853)


This image of Isaac Daniel James, Sr. (1770-1853) was provided courtesy of Kathleen Dooley Wolfe of Bedford County, Virginia. According to Kathleen, she discovered the image on March 24, 2021, during the cleaning of a glass framed oil painting behind which the image was secreted.  The oil painting which concealed the photograph had been handed down more than six generations. As Kathleen described it, “while cleaning a frame that housed an oil painting that my great grandfather Robert Page Wright painted in 1903 with house paint, I came across this amazing artwork of Isaac Daniel James, Sr.  I had no idea who it was until I searched through the dirt on the back.  Imagine my surprise when I found with a magnify glass that I could barely make out the words Isaac James I in almost legible pencil.  What an amazing find!”.  


Kathleen went on to explain, “to show the lines, I'm Kathleen Dooley Wolfe, daughter of Edward Henry Dooley and Betty Jean Wright, daughter of Randolph Robert Wright and Sarah Eliza Baldwin, son of Robert Page Wright and Gertrude Fuqua Bowles, son of James Knox Polk Wright and Susan Elizabeth James (who raised Randolph) daughter of Isaac Daniel James, Jr. and Adaline Calvert, son of Isaac Daniel James, Sr. and Mary Susan Polly James, son of Elias James, son of Thomas James, son of David James.  My mother said my grandfather, Randolph Robert Wright inherited the oil painting when his father, Robert Page Wright passed.  He had no idea the photo was behind it.  Randolph stated he remembered the oil painting hanging in his grandparents home when he was growing up as they raised him.  My grandfather Randolph hung it in their hallway and then it moved to my mother's home and then to my home in 2004.  Now the oil painting will have to find a new frame as this is the old tiger wood frame and I will be hanging Isaac in our living room with pride.”


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