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Children of Evan James (1784-1844) of Washington County, Pennsylvania and Rebecca Pickering (1789-1848):


1.    Hannah James:  born May 8, 1808 in Jefferson County, Ohio; married April 17, 1833 in Henry County, Indiana to Mark Manlove (1811-1898), son of John and Jane Manlove; died August 14, 1844 (aged 36).


2.    Phebe James:  born December 2, 1809 in Jefferson County, Ohio; married July 25, 1839 In Henry County, Indiana to John Schooley Pike (1813-1900); died January 16, 1844 (aged 34); buried at Owen Cemetery, Lincolnville, Wabash County, Indiana; known children include:  James S. Pike.


3.    Jonas K. James:  born May 31, 1812 in Jefferson County Ohio; married January 27, 1836 in Duck Creek (Greensboro), Henry County, Indiana to Rachel Kennard (1816-1900); died August 5, 1905 (aged 93) in Henry County, Ohio; buried at Greensboro Friends Cemetery, Greensboro Township, Henry County, Indiana; known children include:  Zelinda Ann James, Asa James, Ether Mary James, Elizabeth James, Rebecca E. James, Thomas K. James and Jesse K. James.


4.    Jesse Kirzy James:  born May 30, 1814 in Jefferson County, Ohio; married January 15, 1840 in Duck Creek (Greensboro), Henry County, Indiana to Mary Elizabeth Harvey (1813-1900), daughter of Samuel Harvey (1780-1822) of Orange County, North Carolina and Rebecca Kinley (1790-1855); died August 20, 1896 (aged 82) in Wabash County, Indiana; buried at Center Grove Cemetery, Lincolnville, Wabash County, Indiana; known children include: Henry James, Evan James, Samuel James, Mary Melissa James, David Ridgeway James, Robert Owen James and Jesse Elwood James.


5.    Samuel James:  born March 13, 1817 in Jefferson County, Ohio.  Does not appear in 1820 Census with family.


6.    Joshua Pickering James:  born June 11, 1818 in Jefferson County, Ohio; first marriage October 15, 1840 in Fall Creek Township, Madison County, Indiana to Sarah Ann Rogers (1820-1851), daughter of Joseph Rogers and Elizabeth Rees; second marriage June 16, 1853 in Fall Creek Township to Hannah P. Lewis (1823-1893); third marriage December 18, 1894 in Greenfield, Hancock County, Indiana to Millicent Lamb (1819-1912); died February 3, 1900 (aged 81) in Greenfield, Hancock County, Indiana; buried at Fall Creek, Madison County, Indiana; known children through Sarah Ann Rogers include:  Joseph Evan James, Charles R. James, Rebecca Pickering James, Mary Margaret James and Elizabeth R. James.


7.    Mary C. James:  born August 6, 1820 in Belmont County, Ohio; married to George H. Jones.


8.    Joel Evan James:  born August 23, 1826 in Henry County, Indiana; first married August 24, 1848 in Fall Creek, Madison County, Indiana to Elizabeth Ann Rogers (1830-1865) daughter of Joseph Rogers and Elizabeth Rees; second marriage July 22, 1865 to Mary Francis Leach (1844-1884) daughter of John B. Leach and Elizabeth Page; died November 1, 1904 (aged 78) in North Branch, Guthrie County, Iowa; buried at Dalmautha Cemetery near Casey, Guthrie County, Iowa; known children through Elizabeth Ann Rogers include:  Jesse Kersey James, Joseph Reese James, Jones Kerwin James, John Chalkley James, Jehu Wilks James, Elizabeth Arissa James and Charles Rogers James; known children through Mary F. Leach include:  Lorinda Elvira James, Ina Ora James, Ida May James, James Albert James, Minnie Alice James, Sarah Edith James, Mary Grace James, Joel Elmer James and Francis Elton James.


9.    Jehu L. James:  born June 24, 1829 in Greensboro, Henry County, Indiana; married January 16, 1851 in Pendleton, Madison County, Indiana to Mary B. Hayes (1831-1902), daughter of Silas Hayes and Hannah Vernon; died January 26, 1904 (aged 74) in Huntsville, Madison County, Indiana; buried at Grovelawn Cemetery, Madison County, Indiana; known children include:  John Hayes James, Esther Ann James, Margaret A. James, Jonas Evan James, William James, Mary A. James and Edward P. James.




Evan James (1784-1844) was the son of Samuel James (1754-1812) and Hannah Smith (1758-1844) of Radnor Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania.


John Chalkley James, the son of Joel Evan James (1826-1904), mentioned above, was born August 8, 1856 in Pendleton, Madison County, Indiana and died December 8, 1839 in Escondido, San Diego County, California.  John was married twice, first on February 21, 1905 in Holland, Pipestone County, Minnesota to Mary Gustin (1874-1908).  His second marriage was to the daughter of Mary Gustin, Wilma Christina Gustin whom he married on May 6, 1911 in Pipestone County, Minnesota.  Through his second marriage he had four children including:  James Orland James, Sr. born May 11, 1911 in Rock Township, Pipestone County, Minnesota.  James Orlando James, Sr. would marry three times.  Through his second marriage to Esther Violet Elnora Warren (1912-1997) on August 12, 1941 in San Diego, California he would have two children including: Violet Christine James born in 1942 who is the mother of Heidi Hafner.  James Orlando James Sr., is also the father of James Orlando James, Jr. who is a participant in the James Y-DNA Surname Project supported by Family Tree DNA, Inc. at www.jamesdna.net as member No. 80901.




See, Joel E. James & Elizabeth Anna Rogers Family Group Sheet provided by Linda Blanchard of Spokan Valley, Washington – Source cited as family records & cemetery records.


See, Family Records of Edith “Randi” Caroline Randolph of Denver, Colorado.


Virtual Memorials on “Find A Grave” Website:


Mark Manlove (1811-1898), Memorial ID No. 147699918, by OPPSheryl, added June 10, 2015.


Phebe (James) Pike (1809-1844), Memorial ID No. 36047423, by V.F., added April 19, 2009.


John Schooley Pike (1813-1900), Memorial ID No. 35916051, by V.F., added April 15, 2009.


Jonas James (1812-1905), Memorial ID No. 82641517, by Colleen Sanders Broyles, added December 29, 2011.


Rachel (Kennard) James (1816-1900), Memorial ID No. 85715166, by HoosierGen, added February 25, 2012.


Jesse Kirzy James (1814-1896), Memorial ID No. 35881756, by V.F., added April 14, 2009.


Mary (Harvey) James (1813-1900), Memorial ID No. 35881855, by V.F., added April 14, 2009.


Joshua P. James (1818-1900), Memorial ID No. 8310214, by Judy Stevens, added January 23, 2004.


Joel Evan James (1826-1904), Memorial ID No. 11561810, by Sherry (Jones) Ryan, added August 18, 2005.


Jehu W. James (1829-1904), Memorial ID No. 81510463, by Colleen Sanders Broyles, added December 4, 2011.




Jesse Kirzy James (1814-1896) and Family: Top Row from Left to Right - daughter Mary Melissa James (1845-1934), son Robert Owen James (1850-1949), daughter-in-law Mary Pearl Leedy (1855-1940). Middle Row from Left to Right - son Evan James (1842-1938), Jesse Kirzy James (1814-1896), and wife Mary Elizabeth Harvey (1813-1900). Bottom Row from Left to Right - son Samuel James (1844-1863) and son David Ridgeway James (1847-1930).



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