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Children of Florence “Lillie” Rachel James (1912-2005) and Elmer Jeanes (1914-2010) of Merkel, Jones County, Texas:


1.   Nelda Gay Jeanes: born 1941; first marriage to “Latham”; second marriage to “Sander”.


2.   Donna Sue Jeanes: born 1946; first marriage April 9, 1966 in Tarrant County, Texas to Gary Joel Woolf (1946-?); second marriage July 10, 1981 in Tarrant County, Texas to Mark W. Stockton (1956-?); currently resides in Alaska; known children include: Mark Stockton, Sandy Stockton, Sara Stockton, Trent Stockton and Bailey Stockton.





Florence “Lillie” Rachel James (1912-2005) was the daughter of Braxton Leftrich James (1864-1923) of Fannin County, Texas and Flora Alice Johnson (1874-1960).




Family Records of Donna Sue Stockton.






Updated:  July 26, 2020