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Children of Oliver Cleo James (1819-1880) of Jefferson County, Ohio and Elizabeth Hibbs (1823-1852) of Guernsey County, Ohio:


1.    Susanna James: born March 26, 1844 in Guernsey County, Ohio; married circa 1878 in Iowa to Rufus B. Spitler (1844-1909); died March 6, 1922 (aged 77) in Kansas City, Clay County, Missouri; buried at Mount Vernon Cemetery in Atchison, Atchison County, Kansas; known children include: Olivia E. Spitler (19 Aug 1879-19 Aug 1879), Rufus B. Spitler (3 Oct 1882-3 Oct 1882) and Susie Spitler (adopted),


2.    William James: born circa 1847 in Ohio.


Children of Oliver Cleo James (1819-1880) of Jefferson County, Ohio and Margaret Clark (1830-1881):


3.    John Dew James:  born February 10, 1861 in Lebanon, Smith County, Kansas; married Rosena “Rosa” Amelia Mechau (1863-1932), daughter of August Frederick Mechau (1824-1908) and Helen Breuer (1832-1885); died October 13, 1951 (aged 90) in Cushing, Payne County, Oklahoma; buried at New Zion Cemetery in Cushing, Payne County, Oklahoma; known children include:  Gertrude Ethel James, Oliver Ray James, Maud A. James, Charles Ray James, Frederich A. James, Rheuben E. James, Donald E. James and Harold Leigh James.


4.    William “Will” Wilson James:  born October 28, 1866 in Lucas County, Iowa; married March 28, 1894 in Harlan, Shelby County, Iowa by Reverend O.H. King to Marie “Mary” Andreasen Myrtue (1873-1967), daughter of Andreas Sorenson Myrtue (1841-1924) and Sidsel Kirstine Andersen (1839-1913) of Denmark; died May 13, 1927 (aged 60) in Woodbine, Harrison County, Iowa; buried at Woodbine Cemetery in Woodbine, Harrison County, Iowa; known children include: Andrew Milo James, Marie Christina James, Paul Morris James, Valaria Margaret James and Howard William James.


5.    Frank Emery James:  born October 18, 1870 in Fort Leavenworth, Leavenworth County, Kansas; married Mary A. Davidson (1877-1913), daughter of Urban Palmer Davidson (1823-1903) and Ida Seretta Stevens (1862-1926); died September 21, 1934 (aged 63) in Thermopolis, Hot Springs County, Wyoming; buried at Monument Hill Cemetery, Section 9, Lot 7 in Thermopolis, Hot Springs County, Wyoming; known children include:  Evie James, John Marion James, Urban A. James, Frank James and Robert Oliver James.




Oliver Cleo James (1819-1880) was the son of Joshua James (1778-1823) of Loudoun County, Virginia and Susannah Dew (1780-1829).




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See, Kansas Trails, Ellis County, Kansas History and Genealogy, School History, "Hays was the first school district to be organized but no schoolhouse was built here at the time of organization. The first Ellis county school house was built at Ellis in 1872 and 1873. Ellis was then in district No. 2. The second school building was erected in Big Creek township in 1873, according to information obtained by Louis Christainsen, county superintendent, from the office of the state superintendent of schools at Topeka. These same records show that in 1875 Rufus Spitler and Sue James taught school that year in Hays, the first teachers to come to the town. This same Rufus Spitler was later elected county superintendent in 1877."


Virtual Memorials on “Find A Grave” Website:


Susanna James Spitler (1844-1922) Memorial ID No. 54869712, by Franz, Jr., added July 12, 2010.


Rufus B. Spitler (1844-1909) Memorial ID No. 54869711, by Franz, Jr., added July 12, 2010.


John Dew James (1861-1951) Memorial ID No. 46515547, by Papa Ross, added January 10, 2010.


Rosena Amelia Mechau James (1863-1932) Memorial ID No. 46515609, by Papa Ross, added January 10, 2010.


William Wilson James (1866-1927) Memorial ID No. 64351164, by Conley Wolterman, added January 17, 2011.


Mary Myrtue James (1873-1967), Memorial ID No. 66968836, by Pam O., added March 15, 2011,


Frank Emery James (1870-1934), Memorial ID No. 240486758, by Bill & Sheila, added June 10, 2022.


Mary A. Davidson James (1877-1913), Memorial ID No. 100991849, by Bill & Sheila, added November 20, 2012.




Marie “Mary” Andreasen Myrtue James (1873-1967),

Wife of William Wilson James (1866-1927)


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