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Will of Andrew Crawford (December 22, 1788)
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Will Book 1, Pages 170-172

     Not only does Andrew Crawford's will tell us that Sarah (Henderson) Crawford, formerly Sarah (Henderson) James was still alive as late as January 1789, but it also reveals the additional children of Sarah born after the death of her previous husband, Thomas James.  These children include William, Joseph, Jane and Elizabeth.

In the Name of God Amen December the twenty second One thousand seven hundred and eighty eight.

I Andrew Crawford of the Township of Plymouth County of Montgomery and State of Pennsylvania being in good Health & sound in Mind & Memory blessed be God for it Do make pronounce and declare this my Last Will and Testament as followeth. Vizt.

First and above all I command to God a Soul stained by Sin, but washed as I Hope in the Blood of Christ, my Body when dead, I commend to the Care of my Executrix & Executors herein after named to be buried in a plain & decent Manner. As to the worldly Goods which God has been pleased to lend me my Will is Imprimis That my funeral Expences & all just debts be paid

Item, To my Son William Crawford of Upper Merion & his Heirs I give and bequeath one State Note for two hundred & Sixty two pounds ten Shillings,
three ditto for nine pounds seven Shillings & six pence each;
one ditto for twenty eight pounds two shillings & Six pence;
one ditto for eight pounds fourteen Shillings & two pence;
one ditto for eight pounds nine Shillings & three pence;
one ditto for one pound seventeen Shillings & six pence;
one ditto for four pounds Thirteen Shillings & nine pence
one ditto for fifteen pounds thirteen Shillings & seven pence;
one ditto for thirty pounds,
one ditto for twenty two pounds ten Shillings & ten pence;
one ditto for eighteen pounds fifteen Shillings,
one ditto for twenty one Pounds four Shillings and eight pence,
one ditto eighty two pounds three Shillings & ten pence,
one ditto for Sixty nine pounds, nine Shillings & Six pence, &
one ditto for twenty eight pounds two Shillings & Six pence;
Also one Bond for Six pounds payable to me from John Henderson & one other Bond for fifty pounds payable to me from the said William Crawford.

Item, To my Son Joseph Crawford of Roxborough & his Heirs I give and bequeath one State Note for three hundred pounds,
one ditto for Seventy eight pounds three Shillings & ten pence, &
one ditto for two hundred & twenty five pounds.
Also two Notes for ten pounds each payable to me from the said Joseph Crawford.

Item To my Wife Sarah I give & bequeath the Interest of one hundred pounds to be paid in Gold or Silver Money of Pennsylvania yearly & every Year during the Term of her natural Life, the first payment to be at year next after my Decease & I order that the Money in the hands of Nathanel Irvin Minister of the Gospel & which I have made payable by Bond to my Son Alexander be & remain in the Hands of said Irwin as the principel whence said Interest shall arise. Also to the said Sarah I give and bequeath the feather bed on which she Now ordinairly sleeps, Bedsted, bed-bottom, bolster & pillows, two good Sheets, two blankits ditto; one Rug & one Coverlid; my best Case of drawers & all the Pewter she possessed at the time of our Marriage; also by best and Irons Shovel & tongs, small brass Kettle, one iron pott at her choice, & what she may chuse to take of all thread yarn, Linnen (not made up) grain, meat, meal, & other provisions for family Use which may to me pertain immediately before my discease.

Also to the said Sarah I give and bequeath for & during the Term of her natural Life & Widowhood only my riding Mare, & a good Side Saddle a Cow at her option & good Keeping for one Cow & one Horse or Mare Summer & Winter - a full Tea Equipage including also a Tea Table, Tea Kettle & Coffee Pott, Sic good Chairs my family bible, Burkits Exposition & Watt's Psalms & hymns. Also the sole Use of the parlour & bed chambre in the west end of my present dwelling House Such part of the Garden as she may chuse & the common Use of the Kitchen, Cellar & Spring House - a constant Supply of good firewood brought to her door & cut the proper Length for her fire place - Also twenty bushels of good merchantable Wheat & ten ditto ditto indian Corn, & ten ditto ditto Buckwheat to be delivered to her yearly & every Year during the Term of her natural Life & Widowhood the first render at one Year next after my discease. The above to be in full Consideration of the Dower of my said Wife Sarah & in Lieu thereof.

Item to my Daughter Jane Barclay Wife of James Barclay Junior of Buks County & to her Heirs I give and bequeath one State Note for seven hundred & twelve pounds ten Shillings & said Notes & Bonds not herein bequeathed (as may to me pertain at the time of my discease

Item To my Son Joseph Crawford aforesaid I give and bequeath one Bond for twenty pounds payable to me from Robert McDowell & Thomas McDowell in Trust however for the Use of my Grand Son Andrew Crawford Son of the said Joseph Crawford

Item to my Grandson Andrew Torbit Son of Thomas Torbit & to his Heirs I give & bequeath one State Note for Six Pounds two Shillings & ten pence, one ditto for fourteen pounds eighteen Shillings & eleven pence & one ditto for three pounds fifteen Shillings.

Item to my Grand Daughter Jane Dowillan Daughter of the said Thomas Torbit & to her heirs I give and bequeath two State Notes for four pounds thirteen Shillings & nine pence each & one ditto four nine pounds four Shillings & Seven pence.

Item to my Grand Son Samuel Torbit, Son of the said Thomas Torbit & to his Heirs I give and be- queath one State Note for sixty pounds eighteen Shillings & nine pence; and in case said Samuel Torbit dies before he arrives at the Age of twenty one years or without Lawful Issue; said Note to be divided equally between Andrew Torbit & Anne Dowillan aforesaid & their Heirs respectively. I All so Will & appoint that my Executrix & Executors herein after named recover the Monies that shall be due on John Rambo's Bond, & pay one half thereof to Andrew Crawford Son of William Crawford aforesaid & to his Heirs, & apply the Residue together with twenty pounds to be paid by my Son Alexander as herein after mentioned, toward the Support of my Daughter Elizabeth & her Children, occasionally & at their Discretion.

Item To my Son Alexander & to the Heirs of his Body I give and bequeath one Bond for Sixty pounds payable to me from Joseph Roberts & the whole Residue of my personal Estate not herein elsewhere bequeathed Provided the said Alexander at the end of one Year next after the Discease of my Wife Sarah shall pay to William Crawford aforesd & to his Heirs Twenty pounds & to Joseph Crawford aforesaid & to his Heirs twenty pounds, to Andrew Barclay Son of James & Jane Barclay & to his Heirs thirty pounds & to my Executors for the Use of my Daughter Elizabeth as aforesaid twenty pounds & these several Sums in like Money as aforesaid Also to the said Alexander & the Heirs of his Body I give & devise my Plantation in Plymouth Township containing one hundred & eighty Acres of Land more or less Subject nevertheless to the reduction of the Estate & interests in & out of said Plantation & Appurtenances to my Wife Sarah herein before given and bequeathed Provided always and the Condition of the above devise is such, that if the said Alexander at his first Marriage shall marry a Woman who was not educated in the presbyterian faith said devise to be void, & in Case of such forefeiture or in Case the said Alexander die without Lawful Issue, said Plantation to be divided among my Children William Crawford, Joseph Crawford, & Jane Barclay all aforesaid Share & Share alike

Be it also remembered that the Legacy by me herein given to each Person shall be in full of all Demands of such Person against my Estate at the Time of my Discease. And I appoint my good and faithfull Wife Sarah aforesaid Executrix, & my said Son William Crawford & my friend Robert McDowell of Norriton Executors of this my last Will & Testament empowering them or the Surviror or Survivors of them to do in my Name & behalf whatever to the Office & Duty of an Executor pertaineth.

It is also my Will that immediately on my Discease the Notes & Bonds aforesaid be delivered to the Persons to whom they are bequeathed who are hereby authorized to demand, sue for, & recover the Monies due, or to become due on their Notes & Bonds respectively.

Lastly I do hereby revocke & make void all other Will & Wills by me heretofore made & declare this & this only to be my Last Will & Testament Sealed & pronounced by the Testator as his Last Will & Testament in Presence of us Jno McDowell, Wm McDowell, Nathl Irvin Andrew Crawford (Seal)

Montgomery Cy fs Personally appeared Jno McDowell, Wm McDowell & Nathl Irwin & made Oath that they were present & saw Andrew Crawford the Testator in the foregoing Will named, sign & seal the same & heard him publish pronownce & declare the same to be his Last Will & Testament & that on the doing thereof he was of sound Mind & Memory as far as they Knew & verily believed, & that they signed their Names as Witnesses thereto in the Presence of the Testator as well, as in the Presence of each other.

Be it remembered that on the 23rd Day of January A D 1789 the foregoing Will of Andrew Crawford was proved in due form & probate with Letters Testamentary were granted unto Sarah Crawford Executrix & Wm Crawford & Robert McDowell Executors therein named, they having made Oath well and truly perform the same & render an Account according to Law. Given from under my Hand & Seal of Office this 23rd Day of January A D 1789

Recorded January the 23rd 1789