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Last Will and Testament of Jacob Bealert (March 3, 1770)
Pennsylvania Book “Q”, Will 198, Pages 234-235

    Jacob Bealert is the father of Susanna (Bealert) James, wife of Daniel James and in this will the researcher will find reference to Susanna's siblings including Mary who married Rudolph Latch. Interestingly, Mr. Bealert does not provide his wife's name in this document although he refers to her several times leaving her a very generous legacy.

  I Jacob Bealert the Elder, of Blockley, in the County of Philadelphia, being Ancient and Weak in Body, but of Sound, Disposing Mind & Memory, for which I am humble thankful to the Author of my being Do make this my last Will & Testament in Manner & form following Viz Imprimis My Will is that all my Just debts & funeral Expences[sic] be paid by my Executors Hereafter Named.

  Item I give and Bequeath unto my Loving Wife, all my personal Estate, During her Natural Life, & all the Rents, Issues & profits of my real Estate, During her Widowhood

  Item my Will further is, that after the decease or Marriage of my said Wife All the residue of my Estate shall be divided equally Amongst my five Children, Namly,[sic] Rudolph & Mary Latch (One Share) Jacob, David, Susanna, & Elizabeth Bealert, Share & Share Alike, their Heirs-- and Assigns for Ever And further that my Children shall endeavour to Agree and Moderate Value of my Real Estate, and when so Agreed, the Afforesaid Rudolph & Mary Latch shall have the first Choice, thereof, at the said Moderate Value so Fixed, On paying or Causing to be paid unto Each & Every of the rest of my said Children One equal and just part or portion in & to the said Real Estate so equally divided & the said Rudolph, Latch, & Mary his Wife on paying as before directed shall have hold Enjoy and Occupy the same for their, Own proper Use & behoof, & their Heirs & Assigns forever But if they shall disagree About the Value of my said Real Estate that then they my said Children shall choose five or more Judicious Men of their Neighbours To Value the same, And the sd Rudolph Latch & Mary his Wife if they incline shall take it thereat On paying as before directed, & shall hold & Enjoy the same & their heirs for Ever. But if the said Rudolph Latch & Mary his Wife should refuse it That then my next Child in Age shall have the next Choice thereof, paying as Above mentioned, & so on in Succession to the Youngest, According to the true Intent & plain Meaning (hereof) And in Case they should each & every of them refuse it My Will is that my Executors shall dispose of my said Estate at public Sale, to the highest & best Bidder, & the Money arising from the Sale thereof to be justly & Equally divided Amongst my said five Children, or those who represent them legally, & if either of my- said Children shall die Intestate, without lawful Issue, that the Share of the said Child or Children so dead shall be equally divided Among the Surviving Children, or their legal Representatives

  And I do hereby- Nominate Constitute & Appoint my Son David Bealert & my Son in Law Rudolph Latch to be Executors of this my last Will & Testament Hereby revoking and Disannulling all former Wills & Testaments by me heretofore made & Confirming this to be my last In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & Seal this- third day of March in the Year of Our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and Seventy 1770

his Jacob [x] Bealert Seal mark

   Signed Sealed Published and Declared By the Above named Testator to be his Last Will & Testament in the presence of David George, Thomas George, Edward George

  Philada January 6th, 1776 personnally appeared David George, Thomas George and Edward George the Witnesses to the foregoing Will And on their Solemn Affirmations according to Law did declare that they saw and heard Jacob Bealert the Testator therein named Sign Seal publish and declare the same Will for and as his last Will and Testament, And that at the Execution thereof he was of Sound Mind Memory and Understanding to the best of their Knowledge and Belief

Coram Benjamin Chew Reg Genl-----------

  Be it remembred That on the 6th day of January in the Year of Our Lord 1776 the last Will and Testament of Jacob Bealert deceased in due form of Law was proved and Probate and Letters Testamentary were granted to David Bealert & Rudolph Latch Executors in the said Will named they having first been duly Qualified well and truly to administer the said deceaseds Estate and bring an Inventory thereof into the Register Generals Office at Philadelphia on or before the 6th day of February next and render a true and just Account of the said Administration on or before the 6th day of January 1777 or when thereto legally required Given under the Seal of the said Office

Benjamin Chew Reg Genl