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Children of George James (1786-1844) of Washington County, Pennsylvania and Sarah Barber (1790-1844):

1.   Anna James:  born October 17, 1809 in Jefferson County, Ohio.

2.   Hannah James:  born August 20, 1811 in Jefferson County, Ohio; married February 12, 1835 in Guernsey County, Ohio to Hiram G. Martin (1815-); known children include:  Hiram G. Martin, Elizabeth I. Martin, Mary A. G. Martin, Rebecca I. Martin, James McIlyar Martin and Nancy Martin.

3.   Edith James:  born October 14, 1813 in Jefferson County, Ohio; died November 13, 1837 in Belmont County, Ohio.

4.   David James:  born January 20, 1816 in Jefferson County, Ohio; first married April 11, 1839 in Tuscarawas County, Ohio to Margaret McDonald (1820-); second marriage December 18, 1856 in Guernsey County, Ohio to Rachel W. Carson (1819-1889); died September 17, 1900 in Keokuk County, Iowa; known children through Margaret McDonald:  Rachel James, Samuel James, Joseph M. James and Sarah E. James; known children through Rachel W. Carson:  William Carson James.

5.   Elizabeth James:  born September 27, 1819 in Jefferson County, Ohio; married August 25, 1847 in Washington County, Ohio to Martin Morris (1828-); known children include:  Sarah J. Morris, Hannah Alice Morris, Rachel Ann Morris and David Linneaus Morris.

6.   Samuel James:  born circa 1823 in Jefferson County, Ohio.

7.   Rachel James:  born March 1, 1827 in Belmont County, Ohio; married June 21 1847 in Wesley Township, Washington County, Ohio to David F. Morris (1825-); known children include:  Lucy A. Morris, Samuel J. Morris, Sarah A. Morris, George A. Morris, Rebecca F. Morris and Schooley L. Morris.

8.   Rebecca James:  born March 31, 1831 in Belmont County, Ohio.



George James (1786-1844) was the son of Samuel James (1754-1812) and Hannah Smith (1758-1844)
of Radnor Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania.