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Children of Israel James (1814-1896) of Jefferson County, Ohio and Lydia Ann Harrison (1814-1902):


1.  Evan James:  born June 18, 1939 in Belmont or Harrison County, Ohio; first married November 25, 1860 in Ohio to Melissa McCall (1843-1912); second marriage to Hannah Burch; third marriage to Ms. Stull; died April 1, 1926 (age 86) in Victor Township, Osborne County, Kansas; buried at Victor Holiness Cemetery, Natoma, Osborne County, Kansas; known children include: Lucinda James, Ursula James, Thomas James, Evalyn Lorene James, Sedate James, Wilhelmina James, William James, Clinton James, Charles Louis James, Morris James and Oliver Goldsmith James.


2.  Zebulon James:  born November 11, 1840 in Barnsesville, Belmont County, Ohio; married April 4, 1867 in Ada, Hardin County, Ohio to Dorotha Buckingham; died December 13, 1927 (age 83) in Ada, Hardin County, Ohio; buried at Woodland Cemetery, Ada, Hardin County, Ohio; known children include:  Emmet E. James, Della May James, Clara James and Clyde Earl James.


3.  Hannah James:  born September 25, 1842 in Harrison County, Ohio; married September 20, 1870 in Marengo, Iowa to McKenzie Young; died 1923 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; buried at Gurnsey, Iowa.


4.  Mary Ann James:  born circa 1846 in Ohio; never married; died after 1902; no issue.


5.  Lydia Ann James:  born February 4, 1848 in Ohio; married circa 1869 to Thomas Molyneux; died May 10, 1932 (aged 84) in What Cheer, Keokuk County, Iowa; buried at Sixteen Cemetery, Thornburg, Keokuk County, Iowa; known children include: John Israel Molyneux and Albert Zebulon Molyneux.


6.  Israel B. James:  born June 29, 1850 in Hardin or Logan County, Ohio; married November 29, 1870 In Poweshiek County, Iowa to Elizabeth Ann Capehart (1844–1933) daughter of Andrew & Lettitie (Briggs) Capehart; died June 21, 1924; buried in Sixteen Cemetery, Section #1, Row 3, Thornburg, Keokuk County, Iowa; known children include:  Ira James, Lowen L. James, Ellen A. James and Mary James.


7.  Sidney James:  born circa 1852 in Ohio; married to Rufus Sissler.


8.  Susan James:  born circa 1854 in Ohio; married to George Rankin; known children include: Gala May Rankin.


9.  John James:  born circa 1856; died in infancy.


10.  Sarah James:  born circa 1856; died in infancy.


11.  Margaret Pheaby James:  born circa 1858; died circa 1864.


12.  Lydia Ann James:  born circa 1884; died circa 1903.





Israel James (1814-1896) was the son of Samuel James, Jr. (1789-1821) of Harrison County, Virginia and Lydia Worrall (1793-1865).




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