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Children of James James (1777-1866) and Sarah Hanks (1781-1854) of Loudoun County, Virginia:

1.   Isaac James:  born January 31, 1801 in Loudoun County, Virginia; died January 31, 1826.

2.   Asa M. James:  born September 2, 1802 in Brush Creek Valley, Fulton County, Pennsylvania; married to Mahala Catherine Sipes (1814-); died September 15, 1887 (aged 85) in Bedford County, Pennsylvania; buried at Everett Cemetery, Everett, Bedford County, Pennsylvania; known children include:  Sarah R. James, Catherine Sipes James, Anna L. James, John W. James, Sitha James and Matilda James.

3.   William Scott James: born April 9, 1804 in Loudoun County, Virginia; married to Sarah Bagley (1810-1879); died February 24, 1851 (aged 46) in Millfield, Athens County, Ohio; buried at New Marshfield Cemetery, New Marshfield, Athens County, Ohio; known children include:  Norval Wilson James, Catherine James, Cyrus M. James, Elias Harrison James, Alexander Newton James, Sarah A. James and Matilda E. James.

4.   Anna James:  born January 26, 1806 in Brush Creek Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania; married 1826 to Mahlon Barton (1807-1887), son of Rachel Barton (1789-1820); died June 29, 1880 (aged 74) in Brush Creek Township, Fulton County, Pennsylvania; buried at Akersville Cemetery, Akersville, Fulton County, Pennsylvania; known children include:  Joshua Nelson Barton, James Barton, Sarah Jane Barton, Rachel Barton, Mary Etta Barton, Lythia “Sitha” Barton, Osee Barton, Rhoda Barton, Asa Barton, Morgan McClellan Barton, Julia Ann Barton and Minerva Jane Barton.

5.   Duanna James:  born April 1, 1808 in Pennsylvania; died 1858 (aged 49–50) in Athens County, Ohio; buried at Concord Cemetery, Millfield, Athens County, Ohio.

6.   Sitha James:  born November 28, 1811 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania; died on June 9, 1869; buried at Concord Cemetery, Amesville, Athens County, Ohio.

7.   Joel James:  born May 22, 1814 in Pennsylvania; died September 20, 1855 in Athens County, Ohio; buried at Concord Cemetery, Amesville, Athens County, Ohio.

8.   Rhoda James:  born March 10, 1816 in Pennsylvania; died July 19, 1869

9.   Matson James:  born March 17, 1819 in Pennsylvania; married first to Rebecca Shreve (-1858); second marriage to Elizabeth Wolf (1825-1907); died November 21, 1907 in Concord, Athens County, Ohio; buried at Concord Cemetery, Amesville, Athens County, Ohio; known children through Elizabeth Wolf include:  Ida James, Sarah Jane James, Charles James, Sitha James, Lewis J. James, Nancy James, John W. James, Jagher James, William H. James and Mary Ellen James.


James James (1777-1866) was the son of Elias James (1744-1789) and Anna Matson (1746-1827) of Loudoun County, Virginia.


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Anna James (1806-1880) and Mahlon Barton (1807-1887)

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